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Tax Planning for Domestic Businesses

The attorneys at Neiman & Interian, PLLC represent and advise clients with respect to planning for their domestic business.   Our clientele generally consists of closely held, non-public business entities.  We have the knowledge and experience to assist clients in the development and implementation of tax efficient strategies for establishing, operating and terminating their business.

Our attorneys advise clients with respect to the formation of the business and choice of business entity, whether it be a corporation, limited liability company, general or limited partnership, or sole proprietorship.  We also advise clients as to the maintenance of the business entity, the relationship among entity owners, succession planning, and the purchase and sale of business assets or business entities.

In advising clients, we rely heavily on our tax controversy experience to create a structure which will withstand a potential attack by the taxing authorities.

In rendering tax planning advice, the attorneys of Neiman & Interian, PLLC will accommodate the client’s preference for representation either by working with the client’s general business counsel in implementing the plan, or by drafting the documents to implement the plan, or by implementing the plan for the client.

We at Neiman & Interian, PLLC can assist with these matters.

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