Tax Planning for Non-Residents Investing in the U.S.2018-05-21T10:33:20+00:00

Tax Planning for Non-Residents Investing in the U.S.

The attorneys at Neiman & Interian, PLLC have the knowledge and expertise to advise non-resident aliens and foreign corporations who intend to invest in the United States. In rendering the advice, the attorneys advise the client as to the income and estate tax consequences of investing in the United States and alternative strategies for minimizing the overall tax consequences, including creating domestic or offshore limited liability companies, corporation and trusts.

In advising clients, we rely heavily on our tax controversy experience to create a structure which will withstand a potential attack by the taxing authorities.

We, at Neiman & Interian, PLLC can assist nonresident aliens and foreign corporations with their investment in the United States tax planning.

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